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Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a non invasive therapy that uses pulses of electromagnetic field to help reduce pain,  inflammation, and  help speed healing times 

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March 16 at 11:40 AM · 

My mare loved this and was so relaxed afterwards!! Kathy is very knowledgeable and explains everything! super nice lady! Definitely recommend them!!

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What is Magna Wave PEMF therapy?

  • Pulses of electromagnetic fields that are delivered through the body using a coil or loop. 
  • PEMF helps stimulate the cell membranes, which allows the cell to work more efficiently.

How does it work?

  • PEMF increases the blood oxygenation
  • The lymphatic system is activated
  • Accupuncture points are stimulated
  • Pain is reduced
  • Inflammation is reduced
  • Healing is promoted

How long does it usually last?

It really depends on the issue being addressed. The longer an issue is present the  shorter the affects may be felt. Typically the affects can be felt 24 hours later up to a week or longer.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Using the earths magnetic field to provide pain relief and promote health and wellness!!!

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Twee Twee, my dwarf miniature horse feels much better after his PEMF sessions!!! He goes out and bucks and rears up and runs around, he hasn't done that since he was a baby!!   Jenni Painter

My horses love their Magna Wave sessions and perform much better afterwards!!   Ashley Bailey

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About Us

PEMF Therapy

Natural and Safe Pain relief and management!!!!  FDA approval pending!!

What Is PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy--Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.  Pulses of electromagnetic energy is passed through the body to promote healing on the cellular level. It promotes cellular metabolism , by increasing supply of oxygen,ions, and nutrients.

 It helps decrease pain and inflammation.

Calcium is more easily transported, thus promoting stronger bones, joints, and muscles.

PEMF therapy helps promote  the immune system, which in turn helps promote a healthier body!!!

Happy Healthy Cells Make You Happy and Healthy

I am certified to provide therapy for horses, dogs, and their humans!! Give me a call  for a demo. Let's make happy healthy cells!!!!

I am able to come to your house or barn!

Dr Oz promotes PEMF Therapy!!!


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